The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge

   255 N. Northwest Hwy.
   Park Ridge, IL   60068

Past Events



The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge has and does run a number of educational and fundraising events.

DateEvent NameDescription
12/2/2015Field School Chorus performance and Christmas party
12/1/2015Christmas Tree Fund Raiser - Month of December
6/17/2015Tour of Studio Frank Lloyd Wright group
6/16/2015Presentation to 3rd grades at Carpenter School
6/11/2015Tour of Studio Immacaulata Alumnae
6/9/2015Presentation to 3rd grades at Carpenter School
5/27/2015Presentation of Scholarships at Maine High School Honors night
5/25/2015Memorial Day parade
5/23/2015Card making with Julie Tiu at the Studio
5/23/2015Court of Honor Eagle Scout
5/16/2015Park Ridge garden club sold hand painted Kalo pots
5/3/2015Park Ridge Civic Orchestra lecture by Victor Muenzer
5/2/2015Kalo wine tasting dinner at Studio
4/30/2015  Museum assessment meeting at Studio
4/30/2015Completion and sign off of Eagle Scout project
4/19/2015Tour of Studio by Immacaulata Alumni
4/7/2015Trout Valley Questers presentation at Studio and tour of Pickwick
4/1/2015Iannelli exhibit at Studio
3/19/2015Municipal Clerks presentation and meeting at Studio
3/17/2015Park Ridge Cultural Arts and School District 64 at Studio
3/15/2015Presentation and tea at the Studio
3/7/2015Presentation to St.Lukes at Studio
3/4/2015Presentation at Studio
2/15/2015reception for Larry Zgoda
1/13/2015Research with Wendy Greenhouse for Iannelli materials
1/11/2015Opening of Larry Zgoda Exhibit of Stained glass
11/20/2014Bot Scout started Eagle project
11/17/2014Old Things Antique Club meeting at Studio
11/14/2014Rotary joint fundraiser at the Studio
11/13/2014Presentation at Maine South High School
11/8/2014Book signing and dedication of Eicher headstones
11/4/2014  School District 64 working on curriculum
11/2/2014Collaboration with Christopher Vernon on W B. Griffin research
11/1/2014Maine South High School Art Exhibit (Nov & Dec, 2014)
10/30/2014Presentation to Rotary at Studio
10/26/2014Homegrown Horror Fest at Studio
10/3/2014Arts & Carafes - our annual fund-raiser with wine tasting and bidding on donated items.
10/3/2014Arts and Carafes fund raiser
9/10/2014Presentation to Rotary
9/6/2014Park Ridge Art League Exhibit
8/5/2014School district 64 - begining collaborative curriculum writing
8/4/2014Maine Township Maine Streamer presentation at Studio
8/2/2014Illinois Surface Design Exhibit
7/25/2014  Installation and restoration of Immaculata Statue
7/21/2014  Peer review American Alliance of Museums
5/19/2014Presentation to St. Andrews 3rd graders at the StudioThis event was in with the events in 2015.  I'm guessing the year s/b 2015, not 2014.
2/23/2014Darcy Evon book signing. Historical presentation and book signing.
12/21/2013Grandparent's Holiday Party
12/1/2013Christmas Tree Decorating
10/27/2013Homegrown Horrorfest
9/27/2013Arts & Carafes
9/8/2013Iannelli Book Signing
4/14/2013Built Out of A Box
2/1/2013Tim Samuelson talkIannelli 125th Birthday Celebration
11/1/2012Maine South Art Exhibit
9/30/2012Arts & Carafes
9/15/2012Dr. R. Tripp EvansPresentation on Grant Woods by Dr. R. Tripp Evans
6/1/2012Don Pegler Exhibit
3/17/2012White Elephant Sale
3/1/2012Continuing The TraditionArt exhibit
12/6/2011Field School 5th Grade Concert
10/13/2011Iannelli Studios Open House
9/23/2011Arts & Carafes
2/20/2011Tim Samuelson talk about Margaret Iannelli
1/22/2011"Night of Stars"Non-Kalo event, but Betsy Foxwell received recognition for her Kalo Foundation work.
9/24/2010Arts & Carafes
5/1/2010It Starts With The Arts
9/25/2009Arts & Carafes
8/24/2009Kalo Hidden Treasure Hunt
6/19/2009Kalo Silver & History of Park Ridge
4/26/2009Sam Guard on Park Ridge Artist's Colony
4/25/2009Burt & Herb Presentations at PR schools
9/19/2008Arts & Carafes
5/1/2008Krehbiel/Kalo Exhibition at Northern Trust in PR
11/1/20072nd  Silver ExhibitionAt Solari & Huntington Jewelers in PR.  Held November 1st & 4th
4/1/2007Iannelli/Krehbiel EventRoaring 20s party & art exhibition.
10/12/20061st Silver Exhibition at Solari & Huntington