Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge at Iannelli Studios

The Kalo Arts Crafts Community House, located at 322 Grant Place in Park Ridge, Illinois, was "a school within a workshop" owned and operated by the Kalo Shop, Inc. (1900-1970), founded and operated by Chicago art entrepreneur Clara Pauline Barck Welles (1868-1965).

       Kalo Shop (with employees) circa 1907.

his facility played a pivotal role in training hundreds of aspiring artisans for meaningful and profitable careers in the arts. Many former Kalo silversmiths and jewelers also started their own companies with the blessing and encouragement of Clara Barck Welles, which led to the founding of a full-fledged, highly profitable art industry in the Chicago area that was known for hand wrought silver, jewelry and crafts products.

Many hand wrought silver and jewelry companies spun off from the Kalo Arts Crafts Community house in Park Ridge. This plethora of startups was pivotal in making Chicago the leader in hand wrought silver and jewelry during the American Arts & Crafts movement. These included more than 20 of the best known companies in the world of Arts & Crafts silver today---all tracing their roots back to the Kalo House in Park Ridge.

Ownership of the 'Iannelli Studios Heritage Center' was officially transferred to The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge on August 31, 2011. President Betsy Foxwell, said:  "Thanks to each and every supporter of Kalo's initiative. This exciting endeavor can now proceed because of your efforts and generosity.  Let's keep the funding momentum rolling!"


More historical information on the Kalo Shop and it's artisans is in the process of being developed for this website.

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The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge was established in 2006.  It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rich artistic legacy of the city of Park Ridge, IL.

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