Kalo’s Lincoln Bust

Kalo’s Lincoln Bust — Information from Judy Barclay

When we acquired our Lincoln bust in Jan.2016 we had no idea what was ahead.  In March of the same year our Friend Tim Samuelson called and  said the French Council General and a few other people would like to come to the Studio and see our Lincoln. They liked it and thought it would work for the Paris -Chicago Committee.

No word for quite a while.And then in Oct. another call from Tim, the
President of the Paris committee and her party would like to see the
bust. She loved it.

We agreed to keep in keep in touch. Originally they wanted to have us
ship the bust to Paris, but costs and risk were to prohibitve. I
suggested a mold made by our restorationist and shipped to Paris.
Months have gone by trying to negotiate and working everything out.

After over a year of talking and working together, the money has come
forward and we will soon be turning our bust over to Mike for mold
making. That process takes about a month.Once completed it will be
shipped to Paris where a bronze will be cast by a French foundry.

Renee, the president, has been working and has a fantastic location
for Abe. in the 8th arrondissement at the intersection of Ave George
5 and Rue Francois 1er next to Lincoln and Champs-Elesees.Things are finally moving forward. Abe is going across the pond. There will now be an Iannelli in the middle of Paris for all to see.

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